New sponsorship deal for Sárközi MMA Team

Some good news have arisen yet again from Szeged, Hungary. Róbert Sárközi and his team, Sárközi MMA Team have found a new sponsor. Thanks to the deal the fighters just recently received some new gear as the first step.

Musou Gear was founded by Japanese Shooto Legend, Noboru Asahi and it gained respect very quickly and support in Japan from a lot of gyms and fighters in the industry, on a simple pretense: to build perfect fight gear. Musou Gear stands for superb quality, innovation, comfort, style and durability.

Sárközi MMA Team
Team Sárközi is very proud for being chosen as the very first team in Hungary by Musou Gear and would like to thank who helped to make this happen.

"We're really happy with our new sponsor. The first package has arrived recently and we put it to the test immediately. It really is a durable, very high quality gear and we're highly satisfied with it. We hope to have Musou Gear as a long term partner." - said Sárközi.

It's always good to hear when a sponsor from abroad finds something compelling in a segment of the Hungarian combat sports scene and we can only hope that a trend has just started and that we will see more and more sponsors to come in and invest into combat sports on the long run.