W5 Kosice – János Koczfán in action!

W5 Kosice! Well known Hungarian heavyweight János Koczfán is in action again! Don't miss our interview!

János Koczfán doesn't need much introduction to the Hungarian combat sports community. The heavyweight fighter this time is up for some international action again which takes place tonight at W5's Kosice show again debuting Viktor Pavlíček.

We've caught up with János in what one can say were the very last minutes but we've got the job done. :)

János is accompanied by György Vojvoda, our internationally acclaimed referee who's basically the main contact between W5 and Hungary alongside with the legendary coach, owner of ReGym, György Rehák. According to the plans the two would like to get more and more fighters to appear in W5's upcoming shows which would be a great development for the Hungarian combat sports scene.

ellenfelem.hu: - Hello János! What a busy year end! You just had a tough fight recently and you're up to some new challenge again. How did this opportunity came to you with W5?

János Koczfán: - It was a bit sudden as the original opponent was forced to drop out. György Vojvoda contacted me with Gyuri Rehák asking if I'd be up for the challenge and I took up on it immediately!

e: - Have you heard before your opponent Viktor Pavlíček or maybe even seen some material upfront?

JK: - All I knew that he's comig over from MMA to try himself at K-1. I've seen some promotional material and an MMA fight. Based on what I've seen I'm expecting a really tough fight.

e: - Based on the above do you have a specific strategy for the fight or you'll be focusing on yourself, forcing your style and rhythm on him?

JK: - I'll focus on myself and the defense mainly.

e: - What's your opinion on him struggling with the weight.

JK: - Honestly I've found it pretty weird. But to tell you the truth I don't really care about the weight. I came to fight and that's what we are going to do.

Thanks for the interview! Wishing you best of luck with the fight!

You can follow the fights over at https://w5kick.tv/broadcasts/21 online and in HD quality. Don't miss it!