An interview with Łukasz Bosacki

Hungarian Fight Championship strives to be the best in every respect within the field of combat sports in Hungary. The organization has set up their cage this year in several towns, most recently in Debrecen, where a well know referee from Poland has helped the show. Apart from the several ocassions Łukasz Bosacki has helped the UFC he did many international shows as well.

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It was a no brainer for to catch up with Łukasz after the show and pick his brain a bit on a few things. - You've seen HFC's show at Debrecen from the inside out. How did you like the event generally?

Łukasz Bosacki: - I really liked HFC! Was a great experiance for me, Very professional event and I want to be there again as soon as possible ;)

e: - Were there any particular fight you liked more than the others?

LB: - Yes, I really liked Gosh fight and the Hungarian winner in 66kg. Also the Ukrainian who won the main event was very good ;)

e: - What's a hard fight from a referee's point of view in your opinion?

LB: - A hard fight in my opinion is when you have a tricky, dirty fighter who often make fouls, but some of them are invisible.

e: - Do you need any specific preparation for different shows? How do you prepare in general?

LB: - I like to know who I ref for. I like to know their styles, stances, favourite moves and check on what fouls they do regularly if any. It's important to know these things before the show starts.

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e: - WMMA is rising worldwide. Is there any difference or should there be any when judging women fight (stopping a bout in a critical situation, etc)?

LB: - Only difference is that the girls are smaller than me ;) I really like to ref womens fights, I dont know why, maybe because they have a different pace ;)

e: - Which one was your most memorable fight so far and why? What made it special for you?

LB: - Most memoriable fight for me was my debut in UFC. Taylor Lapillus vs Rocky Lee and the debut on the main card where Joanne Calderwood vs. Maryna Moroz clashed - big upset.

e: - Thanks for the interview and we're looking forward to see you again at HFC's show!