Bellator Kickboxing - A new champion in town

An exclusive one on one with Zoltán Laszák, Bellator Kickboxing's new welterweight kingpin!

Zoltán Laszák - First of all, congrats on the win and your peformance! Based on what we talked about pre-fight it seemed you slightly differed from the original strategy. Did something happen pre-fight or during the bout that made you change?

Zoltán Laszák: - Thanks. Yeah, somewhere early in the fight I managed to catch him with a pretty good shot and honestly, this made me a bit wanting to go for the kill. Therefore it became more like a punch for punch, kick for kick fight if you know what I mean.

e: - How do you feel, do you think that overall you still managed to keep yourself to what you planned before with coach István Gnyálin?

ZL: - Absolutely. Although as I mentioned I stood more in front of Ghajji, traded more punches with him I still managed to keep the strategic plan and come out on top of most of the exchanges.

e: - What was it like from the inside? What and how do you remember of the fight?

ZL: - Actually I don't really remember much. There were some really high points and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. When they put the belt around my waist.. There are simply no words of how that felt. I know it's a cliché but it's really indescribable. It was a very emotional moment for all of us - my coach, teammates (Dávid Elszaszer, Vivien Wágner). Those long years of working hard had been crowned yesterdey evening.

Zoltán Laszák

e: - What's next for you? Have you talked to Scott Coker, the management or someone about it?

ZL: - They really enjoyed my performance, loved the fight but we didn't talk about any specific plan or opponent for my first title defense so I cannot tell you much at the moment.

e: - Did you suffer any injuries, any break in the fight?

ZL: - No, luckily not. I had a long night with the hospital visits but I came away from the fight with a few stitches on my eyebrow so that's it. My ribs hurt and my thighs show some beautiful patterns so it's the usual. That's the fight game.

[caption id="attachment_14458" align="aligncenter" width="504"]Zoltán Laszák Ernesto Hoost, coach István Gnyálin, Zoltán Laszák, Scott Coker[/caption]

e: - Any closing words, shout outs?

ZL: - Yeah, hereby I'd love to thank my coach, my teammates Dávid and Vivien and all those people who have rooted for me - My family, all my teammates, friends, students and last but not least my partner!

Thanks for the interview and for taking the time after such a huge fight and a long night. It must have been a crazy emotional rollercoaster. We wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you soon under the bright lights, defending the title!