HFC - The Growth Curve

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Hungary's premiere MMA organization, HFC gave some great fights to the fans across the country in 2015. This year they're all about raising the bar again. HFC Director Gábor Tánczos on the past year, plans and what fans can expect in 2016!

ellenfelem.hu: - How would you sum up the last year in HFC's life?

Gábor Tánczos: - 2015 was an important year for us. It was the first year in HFC's life where about half of the main card for all events featured foreign fighters. And we had judges from abroad as well. Furthermore HFC were present on Sport TV all year which was a big step forward for us.

Due to these changes, improvements the HFC brand was no stranger to the many new cities we have visited in 2015. Also we managed to take a show to a new location which proved to be successful.

The whole year was about further developments and growth and this does not stop in 2016 either. We gave 5 shows, 62 bouts and about 370 minutes of fights to the fans.  Despite roadblocks and difficulties we have overachieved on our goals.

e: - Fans have seen many improvements during 2015. What were the biggest changes in 2015 for the organization?

GT: - I'd emphasize what I mentioned above of foreign fighters in half of the main cards. This brought the attention of fans, sponsors, managers and athletes from around the world.

Also there was a technical improvement that debuted at HFC12. The LED placement on the edge of the cage proved to be successful and fun. Also it helped us to further elevate the visuals of the show besides the sponsor promos.

e: - The question presents itself, what other innovations, developments can fans expect this year?

GT: - I would love to tell you guys something about the plans but I can't give out anything yet. We have some gunpowder left rest assured. There are some big things coming. Even our new promo for this season hints at it: "Bigger, Stronger, Harder,  HFC - The new fight zone!"


e: - As we already touched upon fighters from many countries has fought in HFC's cage. Whom were you satisfied with the most? Any plans for inviting some of them back?

GT: - So far we had fighters from 19 countries and they all performed great. We've seen many spectacular, technical fights. We have active contracts with most of the fighters, so many faces will re-appear in 2016 as well.

e: - Besides foreign fighters we saw plenty of young, homegrown talent. Whose performance was the most convincing to you?

GT: - Several name comes to mind. I'd mention our featherweight champ Ádám Borics first who seemed unstoppable. There is Péter Guzsván who in my opinion has improved the most during 2014-2015. From the youngest fighters I'd mention Gergő Egeresi. Fans will see them a lot in 2016 too.

e: - Can you tell us something about the program for 2016?

GT: - We are in continuous negotiations in regards to locations, sponsors and fighters. We are working on the developments and will kick off the show in the spring. As of now 4 events are fix for this year and we are working on 2 big hits that will blow the fuse if you know what I mean. We'll continue to be present at Sport TV in 2016 as well in prime time and with plenty of replays of our shows.

e: - There are some Hungarian guys on the roster who hasn't met yet. Do you have any plans for this year to change this?

GT: - Zsolt Zathureczky just joined HFC recently. I think he's going to give some great fights for the fans on his way to the Heavyweight title. Some fighters planning to change weight categories which can be interesting. Also we have a champion vs champion title fight in the works too.

Thanks for the interview and wishing HFC the best for 2016 and beyond!