An exclusive interview with Alexey Ignashov


Venum Victory World Series kicks off with a big show this weekend at Debrecen's Főnix Stadium, Hungary. The fight card will include a number of solid, high profile fighters from the country and all around the world. The organizers have invited the Red Scorpion as a guest, a fighter well known to the Hungarian audience and fans. We had the opportunity to ask a few quick questions with the help of our friends at Alexey Ignashov on what his life currently looks like, his best memories from the Hungarian visits, upcoming fights and more!

Q It's been 3 years since we've seen you in Hungary. Could you sum it up quickly what happened in your life since and how your life looks nowadays?

A – I’ve got married that year to my wife, Natalia. Currently I study in Moscow at the University of Synergy where I train the students sometimes and give seminars. I’m trying to get another degree. Apart from that I go to church and I keep training.

Q This is your 5th time visiting Hungary. What's your best memory of the previous four ocassions?

A – Well I like the city of Budapest in general, especially the old part of the Town. One time I came here for a holiday at Aug 20th. There was an air show and all kinds of planes were flying under the bridge.

You've fought recently in Athens and already scheduled for Fight Night Saint-Tropez. Do you have any further plans for the rest of the year?

A My St. Tropez fight got cancelled which made me very upset. For the rest of the year I’m not sure where or when I’ll fight again. I’m open to all proposals.

How long do you see yourself fighting?

I'll keep training, boxing until my health allows me to do so. It's my life and I love it!

Thanks for the interview, for the great fights and best of luck for the remainder of 2015 and beyond!