Before the battle - an interview with Badr Hari


Badr Hari is preparing hard for his upcoming figt against Ismael Londt which will go down in 22 August at the Akhmat Fight Show in Grozny, Russia. The fight should have already taken place last year, but was cancelled due to lack of the Kickboxing Federation permission. We contacted Badr to pose a few quick questions regarding the documentary he recently released, learning from losses and the future of kickboxing.

Q: - Recently you released your official documentary, set your online/social media presence straight. Why did you feel that now was the time to do all this?

A: - To end all the speculations and to show everyone that there is more than the eyes can see.

Q: - There are many short clips, highlights, tributes and all kinds of interviews out there with you but up until recently there was no real documentary showing the different aspects and what happened in the background. Why do you think that is?

A: - I feel like now was the time for that. For everything there is a time and place so...

Q: - What was the main motivation behind the documentary on yourself?

A: - We set up my website and that was just a part of it. Just as my foundation work etc.

Q: - You said something in the documentary whether you win or lose it's about learning. In that regards which win or loss was the most educational and why?

A: - I want to win of course but I also I want to send a message to other fighters that there is more than winning. From every fight I've learned something. Some physically, some mentally and some in sportmanship.

Q: - How do you see, what's the future of kickboxing? Can we get back to the level once it was on back in the glory days of K-1?

A: - Only time will tell. I am not a fortuneteller but one thing is for sure we are lacking characters people want to identify with in the sport.

Q: - Thank you for your time and for all the great fights. Wishing you the best against Londt and beyond that!

A: - You are welcome and thank you. I'll do my best as always as long as my body will go on. Stay loyal to the sport and keep on supporting.