Following up with Rozi Komlós

[caption id="attachment_6310" align="aligncenter" width="504"]Rozi Komlós /photo: Sumalee Boxing Gym/[/caption]

It's been a while since we last talked to Rozi and many things have happened so there were plenty of things to catch up on. Rozi Komlós on emotional rollercoasters, cancelled fights, training camp and her upcoming fight!

Q: - Hello Rozi, can you please tell us how was everything and what happened to you since our interview?

A: - Hello! Since our interview it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster! Adjusting back to my life here in Australia after Thailand took a little while, luckily still keeping the routine of training everyday at my gym here in Sydney (8 limbs) the post–Thailand blues didn’t last too long! It’s been difficult to find fights here in Australia though, I miss fighting often but I just stay positive and focus on all the things I need to improve on!

Q: - You had a fight scheduled that got cancelled. What happened and how frustrating did you feel?

A: - Yes I had my first k1 style bout in Melbourne cancelled a few days before due to regulations being changed in Australia. I was extremely frustrated; feeling totally fit & ready to fight having to wait a little longer to step back into the ring was hard! Having a strong mindset and team is crucial in this sport which is filled with last minute cancellations.  I just re-focused on training and improving for the next bout.

Q: - Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming fight and your opponent?

A: - My upcoming bout will be against the very tough Queensland champion Melina Yung in Queensland on the urban warfare promotion by urban gym. This is a fight I’ve been looking forward to for a long time! Melina is prevalent on the fight scene and has a reputation for being very strong. I’ve been working my strength extremely hard over the last 6 months and feel now I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been.

Q: - How was the training camp?

A: - The preparation has been great! Very tough but the fight team at the moment is really strong and supportive so more than anything its been fun, learning and pushing each other to the limits!

Q: - How long do you plan to stay in Australia? Do you already have a date for flying back to Thailand?

A: - I’ll be in Australia till October then back to Sumalee boxing gym in Phuket to live the dream!

Rozi Komlós vs Melina