REBELS 38 - Hinata beats Souwer


REBELS held its 6th event (REBELS 38) of this year at legendary Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, headlining Andy Souwer (32), the Dutch welterweight shoot boxer against Hinata (29), the Japanese REBELS 70kg champion. The two fighters have fought their first battle exactly 5 years ago in Shoot Boxing in Tokyo that Souwer won by a standing sleeper choke in 48 second of the first round.

‘REBELS fight rules are different from those at Shoot Boxing’, said Souwer at the press conference on the previous day of the event. ‘Under the different rules I will fight like this would be our first bout’, he added. ‘If this fight ends up with a bad result, I consider to quit my career’, commented the Japanese fighter on the other side.

When Hinata won the decisive victory (29-28, 29-28, 30-27), he was waving his arms in the air while the audience cheered and clapped. Soon after that the representative of Hinata’s gym, Yamaguchi Genki from Crosspoint Kichijoji hopped in the ring hugging Hinata and they’ve cried the tears of victory happily together. Chairman Caesar Takeshi from the Shoot Boxing organization also showed up in the evening.

Originally Souwer was scheduled to face Hinata in the 70 kg weight category but his manager had the contract modified in the last minute so that he could meet the Japanase fighter at 72 kg. His next fight will be at Macperson Stadium in Hong Kong on 10 October, which will be an international fight, part of Shoot Boxing’s 30th Anniversary series events.

- Sandy Juhasz