HFC 10 - Getting started


The summer break is over! Nearly all sports and organizations are back and jumping straight into the competition season. The same goes for HFC, Hungarian Fight Championship who are about to set up their cage and let the best Hungarian fighters throw down in two weeks.

Although it's going to be the first time in Zalaegerszeg - the administrative center of Zala county in western Hungary - the promotion is confident. Regional shows have proved to be successful so far and the fight card should definitely help to draw some attention to the event and the organization.

In the preliminary fights Melinda Fábián meets Lilla Vincze, József Tarnai will clash with Áron Szilágyi and Péter Guzsván will fight Ádám Bódi. All in all fans will see fights in four weight divisions and the semifinalists will qualify for the finals in November. HFC 10 will definitely have something for everyone!


HFC Academy 2x5min Preliminary Card

Bantamweight / 135 lb - 61,2 kg

Melinda Fábián (Budapest Top Team, HUN) vs Lilla Vincze (Bács Team, HUN)
József Tarnai (B4 Küzdősport Akadémia, HUN) vs Áron Szilágyi (Pitbull Team, HUN)

Lightweight / 155 lb - 70,3 kg

Péter Guzsván (Budapest Top Team, HUN) vs Ádám Bódi (Zen Mushin Do, HUN)

HFC Tournament 2x5min Main Card

Bantamweight / 135 lb - 61,2 kg

Renátó Mátyási (Budapest Top Team, HUN) vs Suleiman Bouhata (FRA)
Gergő Egressy (Fuji Total Fight Team, HUN) vs Abdullah Nasibi (MMA Afghanistan, AFG)

Lightweight / 155 lb - 70,3 kg

Andor Bozsányi (Predator Fight Gym, HUN) vs Emerik Youmbi (Fight District, SWI)
Sándor Zagyva (Budapest Top Team, HUN) vs Martin Burkot (Penta Gym, CZE)

Middleweight / 185 lb - 83,9 kg

Kálmán Kovács (Pitbull Team, HUN) vs Alexandru Iantoc (MetalBox Arad, ROM)
Attila Mózsi (Priskin Team, HUN) vs Jakub Běle (Penta Gym, CZE)

Heavyweight / 265 lb - 120,2 kg

Máté Kocsis (MMA Szolnok, HUN) vs Zsolt Balla (MetalBox Arad, ROM)
Renátó Makai (Sárközi Team, HUN) vs Roman Blaschek (Pitbull Team, AUS)

Tournament Semi-Final, 2x5min

Bantamweight Semi-Final AA vs Semi-Final AB
Lightweight Semi-Final AA vs Semi-Final AB
Middleweight Semi-Final AA vs Semi-Final AB
Heavyweight Semi-Final AA vs Semi-Final AB

HFC Featherweight Title, 5x5min

Featherweight / 145 lb - 65,8 kg

Ádám Borics (Shootfighters Eger, HUN) vs Benjámin Molnár (Budapest Top Team, HUN)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk2ryYZww9M&w=560&h=315]